The Fundamentals of Facilities Management is an intensive four module course designed to improve FM enthusiast and professionals’ productivity by skilling them for the challenging of optimizing assets and effective & efficient day-to-day running of the Facility. It is also designed for professionals who work in FM-interfacing roles such as Admin, Supply & Procurement, Project Management, and Engineering to understand the fundamentals of FM so they can work together for more productive output of the business.

So, if you are a young graduate who wants to begin your career in Facilities Management with the right skill and understanding, this training is for you. If you are already working in FM and find it difficult to link your day-to-day operations activities to the Real Estate objectives of your employer, you need to register for this training now.

Facilities Management is evolving into one of the most important positions in any organization, one that requires both expertise in traditional facility processes as well as technological savviness; position yourself for the opportunities in the FM space today with our Fundamentals of Facilities Management Training.

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Idowu Somoye is a management expert with over a decade year of experience in the built environment. A Lead Facilitator, he specializes in facilities management, construction management, property management, and healthcare management. He is a Certified ISO Lead Auditor and a Certified Facilities Management Professional from International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and Bureau Veritas. Having trained over a thousand of FM enthusiasts, professionals and nominees for numerous national businesses in Nigeria and throughout the western coast of Africa, he has helped upskilled their productivity in the built environment space. He is an expert in contracting, cost optimization/risk management, strategy & planning, budgeting & finance, and operation & maintenance. As a career counsellor, he has also helped various applicants across Africa, develop their abilities and apply them.
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